Impresa Percassi S.p.A., a company with a strong entrepreneurial history in more than 50 years, is at present a leading general contractor in the high-end private building sector.

From residential to executive and hospitality services, from commercial to industrial to large projects and requalification, Impresa Percassi operates in the field of real estate initiatives promoted for national and international clients or by the holding company Costim which holds 80% of the capital of Impresa Percassi S.p.A., 60% of Gualini S.p.A. (a company with a long tradition in the design and construction of building envelopes, from curtain walls to windows and doors) and controls Elmet S.r.l. (a company active in the facility management and integrated digital services for the real estate market).

Since 2019 Impresa Percassi has been present in the French-speaking markets through the French company Percassi Bâtiment.

The experience and reputation acquired to date by Impresa Percassi, as well as the desire to increasingly establish itself as a reference point for institutional investors, have enabled it to carry out major works such as, in Milan, the new Bocconi Urban Campus with university residences, the construction of the new residential complex in the Maggiolina district promoted by AbitareIn and the Siemens Headquarters; in Bergamo, the new headquarters of Confindustria Bergamo at the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park.


Via Andrea Moretti, 34
24126, Bergamo (BG) – Italia