Verde 21 is a company of Benefits and Innovative PMI in the energy sector founded in 2013 that aims to combine technology, sustainability and design. Verde 21 S.r.l. is focused on innovation, respect for the environment, energy efficiency and economic sustainability.

The company vision passes from the design of advanced systems of production and accumulation of energy (electric and thermal) to high efficiency up to the production and marketing of products on an international scale.

Verde 21 strongly believes in the values of green culture and believes that eliminating the use of fossil fuels contributes, not only to improving the national economy, but favoring forms of interaction between the environment and the communities that inhabit it.

Verde 21 designs and installs plants that use renewable sources and that drastically reduce the direct and indirect environmental impacts and that can become an effective means of production and accumulation of energy, of offering “SMART” services as well as communication.

Via Mangili Cesare, 2
20121 – Milano (MI)