Gualini S.p.A.  is a company that can boast a very long tradition in building envelopes, grown over the years thanks to the efforts and commitment of its team. Curtain walls, roofing glazed parts, mullion and transom facades, ventilated facades, external claddings: Gualini S.p.A.  can make any roofing element or building external structure all perfectly done.

By its aptitude to think a building in big, Gualini S.p.A.  is now a leading company in many high level works, both national and international such as airports, stadium and sport buildings, firms, exhibition centres.

Gualini S.p.A.  can provide smart solutions and systems, adaptable to the various needs of its customers for any type of design.

Gualini S.p.A., can also offer a wide availability of profiles and glasses for structural and semi-structural facades. This helps to provide an optimum living comfort and a solution enhancing the aesthetics of the building at the same time.

The accurate and advanced monitoring system uses for production process ensures a high level quality of the finished product.



Via Bartolomeo Colleoni, sn
24060 Costa di Mezzate (BG)