A network of skills

GST Appalti e Costruzioni was founded with the union of four large players in the construction industry in Tuscany and the country, convinced that joining together would be a driving force for development.

The member companies Consorzio Stabile GST Scarl., Impresa Percassi SpA, C.E.M.E.S. SpAVerde 21 SrlBerni Srl, Gualini SpA and Elmet Srl optimized their existing flexible and efficient business model, leading to cooperation and the multiplication of skills and resources.

This resulted in one of the largest catalogues of services on the market, configured to meet the needs of any type of customer, whether public or private.

From infrastructure, to civil and industrial construction, to plants, recovery and restoration operations, energy efficiency and renewable energy production, design and construction of furnishings, GST Appalti e Costruzioni stands out for its executive reliability and ability to completely manage the project while strictly complying with the time frame.

The relationship with the customer is focused on a continuous interchange of information and goals, to stand behind the customer’s expectations and interests.

Consorzio Stabile GST Scarl

C.E.M. Srl: the company is specialized in reinforced concrete, masonry, excavation and earthmovingworks. Categories: OG1 VI, OG3 III BIS.

Ies Srl: the company is specialized in construction works and mechanical systems. Categories: OG1 IV e OG11 V.

Masi SpA: the company is specialized in electrical and mechanical systems. Categories: OG10 I, OS 30 III.

Olv Srl: the company is specialized in electrical and mechanical systems. Categories: OG10 I, OG11 II, OS28 II, OS30 III-BIS.

Pederzani Impianti Srl: the company is specialized in electrical, mechanical and energy efficiencysystems. Categories: OG9 III-BIS, OG10 I, OG11 V, OS3 IV, OS22 II, OS28 V, OS30 III.

Tirrena Costruzioni Generali Srl: the company is specialized in construction works and infrastructure. It is part of the Fratelli Massai from Grosseto which holds different companies that manage bituminous conglomerate quarries and plants. Categories: OG1 III BIS, OG3 IV-BIS, OG 6 I, OG8 III.

Italbuild Srl: the company is specialized in construction works and infrastructures. Categories: OG1 VII, OG3 V, OG 6 IV-BIS, OG8 IV-BIS, OS1 III-BIS, OS6 III-BIS, OS7 IV, OS22 III-BIS, OS23 II, OS24 I.

Impresa Percassi SpA , a company with a strong entrepreneurial history in more than 50 years, is at present a leading general contractor in the high-end private building sector.

C.E.M.E.S. SpA owns the categories OG 1 IV, OG2 VII, OG3 VIII, OG4 VIII, OG6 IV-BIS, OG7 IV-BIS, OG8 IV, OG10 VII, OG12 IV-BIS, OS5 II, OS6 IV-BIS, OS8 II, OS9 V, OS10 II, OS13 I, OS21 VI, OS23 I, OS24 II, OS27 VIII, OS32 II, OS34 II, OS12-A II, OS18-A IV-BIS, OS18-B III, OS20-B I. Specialized company in electro-railway, mechanical, building and road construction.

Verde 21 Srl produces and markets photovoltaic and geothermal design generators.

Berni Srl designes, produces and markets  home furnishing.

Gualini SpA owns the categories OS6 IV-BIS, OS18-B VII. Company specialized in curtain walls, roofing glazed parts, mullion and transom facades, ventilated facades, external claddings.

Elmet S.r.l. owns the categories OG1 VIII e OG11 III-BIS. Company specialized in maintenance, optimization, monitoring and efficiency of plants and property management and in facility management services.


We operate in the procurement and construction market – sharing the experience and skills of the partner companies – in order to turn ideas into projects and projects into sustainable works that are consistent with the customer’s expectations.


The ultimate goal that guides our choices and actions is to help redesign the urban environment to improve the quality of people’s lives. In order to succeed, we must respect the environment and health and safety.


The GST Appalti & Costruzioni Commercial Consortium is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the Assembly and is made up of the President and one member from each of the partner companies.

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